Poured Aggregate & Liquid Limestone

For areas not requiring the individual beauty of pavers, Freo Stone Paving can also offer permanent site poured options.

Exposed Aggregate, Poured Concrete and Liquid Limestone are all basic alternatives or accompaniments to genuine pavers, which can also be offered at competitive rates.

We have a range of site Poured Aggregate and Limestone options.

When selecting the particular areas to use poured concrete vs individual pavers please be mindful of the below important points.

  • Cracking - All poured concrete from any installer is likely to crack as it expands and contracts. All efforts will be made to minimise this but we can never guarantee they will not occur post install.

  • Ants and Weeds - Rather than promise what we can't deliver, please acknowledge after cracking or from sand settling on the surface, weeds can still grow and ants can still raise soil through the gaps as "ant hills". This can be somewhat mitigated through the use of the same Paveset wet and set join grouting powder used in individual pavers. Once the panels crack or move the Paveset can be applied, but not before.

  • Use around pools - As mentioned poured aggregate or limestone can crack and can move. Concrete can be poured around pools behind individual capping pavers (using rubber as expansion joins) or the old fashioned method of pouring all the way to the edge of the pool. Before any concrete is poured next to or on pools, please seek written confirmation from your pool builder that movement or damage to the pool caused by concrete will not void your pool warranty. Narrow areas with gardens to one side are often trouble free but panels between solid house or garden walls can only move one way, towards the pool. Hopefully no movement occurs but this can't be guaranteed.

  • Poured edge capping - Whilst pouring concrete over the edge of a pool is possible, please understand cracks will appear down the face to the waterline over time. Even at $105 / Lm and applying modern formwork and installation techniques, no guarantee can be given by us or any company against cracking. A solution which is more cost effective and does not suffer the same issues is installation of complimentary capping pavers.Speak to our team about the colour and shape options.

  • Access to pipes (reticulation, pool systems, plumbing) and wires (lighting, pool systems, reticulation power) is not possible. Maintenance, repair, redirection or reconnection of these items can only be achieved by cutting and patching your concrete. The same applies to most patio or fence posts. Whilst we can try to match colours for patching, we can never promise it will look the same. Please infill above these likely access areas with individual pavers or refrain from using permanent concrete above them.

  • General Colour, Aggregate colour, size and face density variation - Please be mindful site poured panels are not factory controlled like pavers and can be subject to variation caused by the elements on the day or the raw materials used in the mix.

  • Later Additions - Like the above circumstances on the original day of pour, further additions or patches requiring separate mixes can be subject to the same variations. The area will look similar but can't be guaranteed to look exactly the same.

  • Staining / Sealing - Raw materials used in poured aggregate may produce stains. Also other post installation variables may stain the surface. Unlike individual pavers, the concrete can't be lifted out and changed, so protective sealing is very important. This can be applied to the surface by our installer and will assist with the cleaning of most general stains. If an area will definitely be subjected to staining (barbeque area, driveway oil leaks) the extra money spent on heavy duty sealer is worth it.

For a quotation on poured concrete, liquid limestone, genuine individual pavers, artificial lawn or a combination of all for your project, please contact our team today click here