DesignoPave... durable, non-slip porcelain pavers

• A very strong 9.5kN Break Load for a 20mm product great for residential or commercial use.

• Non-slip surfaces and no sealing required making it a very low maintenance paving option.

• Lay straight onto sand, cracker dust, concrete or plastic pedestals.

• A stunning range including many colours and textures, all with strength far superior to stone of even greater thickness.

• Durable, beautiful alternatives to natural timber and granite without the extreme cost and ongoing maintenance.

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Paveset Join Grout

paveset img_5242.jpg img_5090.jpg

Simple sweep in and wet to set.

Use for new or old pavers.

Allowing easy paver removal for:

  • access to water pipes & wires
  • fence/patio posts installations
  • garden design changes
  • extreme stain paver swaps
  • colour matching old sections

Use of Paveset or similar grout powder is recommended to ensure a clean, low maintenance and structurally sound finish.

The gaps between all Freo Stone pavers must remain full at all times to preserve the integrity of the stone, its edges and eliminate sand deposits where weeds may grow.

Use of yellow or so called "washed" white river sand is NOT suitable and NOT recommended for use on Freo Stone products. These sands have properties which will permanently stain your paving particularly when left on the surface or wet. These sands will allow weed growth and will wash out over a short time. Yellow sand (e.g. Plasterers) is only suitable for underneath the pavers as a base to install on.

Any installer proposing the use of yellow or white sand is operating outside of our best installation standards which will compromise your warranty.

Professional completion of your grouting now, will ensure the long term beauty and integrity of your project.

Paveset product information sheet.

Paveset material safety data sheet.




One tube covers approximately 2.5 Lm of 270mm wide beam. Apply using caulking gun.

Cleaning and Sealing your investment

Whilst most of our products do not require sealing, we simply recommend you engage a professional for cleaning after the installation and construction process. If you do choose to seal our products, the following companies have been found to be successful.

  • Coastline Cleaning and Sealing - Jason - 0404 447 299 (supply or supply & install)
  • Santerra Sealing - Jeff - 0418 989 399 (supply or supply & install)

Please be sure to seal your products with the sealers specified by Freo Stone. Wet look surface sealers will break down over time and require reapplication.

Please note that Crommelin sealers are not compatible with our stone and use will void warranty.

If you choose not to seal your product and do suffer an irreparable stain, the beauty of individual pavers means you can simply contact us for info on how to pull out and replace.

Project process tips for an optimum result

Download Project Process Tips

Download Project Process Tips


Read your delivery date email and save the date to phone calendar .

Leave stone for installer to cart into site as and when needed.

Leave work area free and clean until completion to avoid damage or delay.

Never use sand for join filling.

Use a "wet to set" join powder/gel.

Engineered pavers – do not leave pallets unwrapped and do not stack pavers – permanent hydration stains may occur.

Only seal if required and use only the products recommended in the table overpage to avoid damage.

 Sealing is for experienced professionals and DIY is not recommended.



Once your payment is processed our scheduling team will produce or prepare your pallets and allocate a delivery date. This date will be emailed to you on your final receipt and can only be changed with 7 days noticed to avoid double charges by freighters who have committed drivers income to that booking. Your site is best loaded than not, as a rule. We are unable to advise what time of day between 7am & 7pm for delivery or contact freighters when driving. Please set a reminder in your phone calendar to ensure your site verge remains clear for set down of the number of pallets on your invoice. Pallet space required is 1.2m x 1m per pallet or crate. Then await arrival of installers to use their experience to cart the stone in a safe manner as needed to avoid chipping, damages or placement in the way of their work process.


Whilst half finished works may look safe enough to walk on or touch, you may actually damage the installers alignment, levelling, fixing or grouting process. Please leave the work area free from foot traffic, mats, carpets, steel, water or any items which may rust, damage, stain or upset the products or workmanship. Only on completion and curing confirmation from the installer can the project be accessed, admired and enjoyed. Like anything, prevention is better than a cure.


Next to concrete restraining of loose edges, join filling is one of the most important components of any paving project. Filling joins (the gaps between the stones) provides long term durability of your floorspace and help hold the paving firmly in place. Joins are never for drainage, all paving should be installed with a fall to ensure water runs away to various drainage points and is never allowed to puddle on the stone.

Yellow or "washed" white sand is never to be used for join filling. Besides holding unwanted moisture around the edges of stones when wet, these sands can allow seeds to land and grow into weeds. These seeds often travel in the breeze and can shoot down roots in any sand. Most weeds do not actually begin under the paving and despite myths about placing materials under the paving to reduce weeds, the joins on the surface are actually where the issue can be.

Washed white sand may look good on the first day but it is all down hill from there. Do not use it, there is an alternative. At a similar cost to troublesome sand, bagged join powders are a far superior solution that actually expand and set firmer than sand once wet and set. Weeds struggle to anchor to these fillers, moisture runs over them and pavers can still be removed and replaced as needed for future works or additions of pipes, wiring or fences. These powders work very well when installed correctly and maintained by topping up any joins that require it post heavy cleaning or modification works for example.

These powders simply sweep in and are vibrated deep into the joins using a carpet under a compactor or other means. Then a final neat sweep in (leaving no powder on the surface) and misting from above with water a few times over 30 minutes will set the fill powder to a gel or biscuit like firm join. Not all join grout powders perform well over time. The most popular and successful join grout powder with our stone is listed below as an example.

PAVE SET by Adbri (available at Freo Stone Paving and used successfully in all of our displays). PAVE-LOK is another.


Many sealers can actually damage stone. Seal only if required using Freo Stone Paving Approved Sealers.

The stone itself is durable and sealing does not make it any more so. Sealing may simply make some mess easier to clean.

The sand, leaves, food or other items will still land on the surface and make it dirty, but a sealer may make it easier to remove. Sealing is about the environment the stone is in, not the stone itself. The same stone may be subjected to no mess at one site and many messy factors at another. Some choose to see what their stone is subjected too for a while first and then engage a cleaning and sealing professional if needed. Some are aware the area will be subject to mess and will seal from the start.

No Sealer is better than the wrong sealer. We can help with dirty paver solutions. We can't help damage from the wrong sealer. Below we offer a guide developed through years of experience and feedback with our stones. A guide we follow for our own sites and homes.

Paver Type

Standard Finish (Natural to light sheen)

Enhanced Finish (Darkened to wet look)

Coral Range

Bondall Paving & Concrete Sealer Matt Finish

Available @ Freo Stone Paving


Spirit Seal Natural Paving Sealant

Available @ PC Coatings 0419 951 657

CCS Streetscape

Available @ CPC&S 0404447299

Quartz Range

Bondall Paving & Concrete Sealer Matt Finish

Available @ Freo Stone Paving

CCS Hi-Build

Available @ CPC&S 0404447299

CCS Streetscape

Available @ CPC&S 0404447299

CCS Stainblock

Available @ PC Coatings 0419 951 657

Q-Coat Water-Based

Available @ PC Coatings 0419 951 657

Ocean Bluestone

CCS Streetscape

Available @ CPC&S 0404447299

CCS Stain Block

Available @ CPC&S 0404447299

Spirit Seal Natural Paving Sealant

Available @ PC Coatings 0419 951 657

CCS Stainblock

Available @ PC Coatings 0419 951 657



DesignoPave - StoneDek


Further technical sealer information is available @ and

We highly recommend any sealing required be undertaken by an experienced professional. Inexperience can ruin your valuable investment in many ways.

Application of the wrong sealer (there are many) can actually damage your stone long term to an irreversible state. Use only what we have recommended, not "all purpose" sealers regardless of what packaging says they are for.

The wrong sealer or over application of any sealer can result in a very slippery surface.

Any invisible moisture or visible micro debris will be trapped under any sealer if the area is not prepared correctly. Paint preparation and application methods vary from stone to stone and project to project.

Sealing really is not for the DIY list. Use an experienced professional to be safe.


High Pressure Water. Any cleaning is best completed dry first with a broom, then spot cleaning any stains. As tempting as high pressure cleaning may be, focus the spray (at a distance of 30cm on wide spray as a guide for most pressures) only at the stone face itself, not joins. Refrain from blowing out any join powder gel as you will need to reapply it.

As a rule, cleaning professionals use light detergents first moving up in strength if required depending on the stain.

Acid is not to be used freely and may eat or etch your stone or joins in most instances, regardless of how diluted.

Prevention focus. If for any reason your projects edge restraints or joins show any signs of movement or cracking over time, ensure they are solidified or filled again immediately. If there is any room for stone to move, the surrounding stones may follow and spread creating weak points.


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